Hi, I am

My journey has been from having NOTHING to having SOMETHING to having EVERYTHING!

I am very ordinary person, but living an Xtra-Ordinary Life of exponential GROWTH & SUCCESS Personally, Professionally & Spiritually.

Personally, I am in my forties, mother of 2 beautiful angels, a friend-cum-wife of a very special man (Ankur) in my life who unleashed “ME” & I found my TRUE FREEDOM. Now living my purpose!

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I was barely five when my father met with an accident in 1979 on new year's eve, that confined him to the hospital for close to two years.

I had to grow up over night and take on the responsibility of my brother and myself. My mother then had become the bread earner to look after family's living expenses as well as shell out for seventeen surgeries that my father required to recover.

This completely wrecked our family emotionally and financially.

Despite this, my education continued unabated as my parents always placed the highest value on education.

My values of love, compassion, contribution, integrity, loyalty, hardwork and faith where picked up from my mother during this era of my life.

Despite being amongst so called Topper, after graduating as an engineer in 1996, I struggled to get a job that matched my qualifications for almost 3 years.

In April 1999, I got into TCS, Mumbai & that was a turning point in my life as an employee. I got into great projects, played key roles working for Nortel Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola where I learnt SDLC, Processes & acquired different levels of technical & Managerial skills.

My climb up the corporate ladder was rapid and extremely successful until I went on maternity leave in 2003 & 2005. The ratings in my appraisals dropped due to office politics & affected my growth due changes in promotions policies.

So I decided to quit, stay at home, take care of my babies & venture into something on my own.

This was just a trigger to my sojourn into entrepreneurship

  • Shortlisted for Indian Team Trials in Dec 1990 while playing for Senior Nationals at Chandigarh
  • National Level Hockey player playing in forward line – always a scorer for my team
  • Sports minister in School, Winner in Athletic events
  • Extra-Curricular being “Jack of All” Kin, Participating in Elocution, Dance, Music etc..
  • Featured in CNBC, Your Story, CIOReview, Enterprising Woman.
  • PMP certified, CSM.
  • Best Retail outlet across 100+ stores.
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Professionally, A software engineer employee turned serial enlightened entrepreneur venturing into 7 Diverse business since 2006 in IT, Retail, B2B, B2C.

Franchising is my expertise. Co-authored a book on Entrepreneurship

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  • 1996– BE (Electronics Design & technology) – Nagpur University
  • 1996-1998– Lecturer at SRKNEC, Nagpur
  • 1998-1999– Y2k technology center, Ahmedabad
  • 1999-2006– TCS (Nortel Networks, Lucent, Motorola)
  • 2006–Ongoing- Serial Parallel Enterpreneur
  • 2015-17 & 2017-19: Elected Member of Nasscom IT Service Council for SME
  • 2007- Meteonic Innovation Pvt Ltd - IT Consulting
  • 2008– Talent Time (Hobby Studio)
  • 2009- F/O Gitanjali to Own brand Kanika Jewels
  • 2012- Food & Bevarages
  • 2013– Luxury Gifting Boutique
  • 2014– F/O Wedding & Partywear Apparels Showroom
  • 2017– Social Ventures Solutions - Humanitarian Products
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Spiritually, My way of life is my religion & I am living my “Individuality” & My guru is Mahatria, I am an “Infinitheist”

Until 31st Dec 2015 - I was living a life of sheer ignorance, totally unaware about my ”Spiritual Self“

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In 2011, something happened in my life that triggered the thoughts of self awareness, but I did not realize it's power & due to lack of a right guru, lost my way again by creating 3 businesses between 2012-2015 without knowing that I was searching for something.

Just for the sake of doing something, I kept creating, not even knowing the “WHY” behind them.

Lot of things were happening around & I was so lost, so confused, drifting like a dry leaf wherever the wind took me, doing meaningless things that I did not quite enjoy for the social sake & soon I lost interest in LIFE.

I was not doing anything, not taking care of my kids, my family, my business, just sleeping & indulging in inner dialogue - self talk kind!

I was just breathing & not living & I felt like a burden on the planet earth.

I kept on asking myself, when i have no goals, no desires, no attachments & still alive, there must be some purpose to my life I am not executing yet & that lead to asking myself

WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? With this question started the journey of my Spiritual Excursion & Ascension

Aug 2015

The conflicts within were getting exaggerated gradually. I could not align to worldly ways of life that called for compromising my values for business & my way of life did not align to worldly ways. That made me so confused on
WHO AM I? What are my strengths, weakness, my beliefs? What do I stand for?

Which path to choose?

Is it ok to blend in with the world though I don’t want to OR Have the courage to STAND OUT with my INDIVIUALISM which I deeply longed for?

I came across a program called TAT where I met my GURU for the first time & he just endorsed my way of life & then I found “ME” & "got connected to myself in a constructive way” in the process.

My Spiritual retreat of Silence - Higher Deeper & Beyond (HDB)

The invaluable assets I received from EXISTENCE

  • Born twice feeling in one life time from Mahatria’s Womb of Silence
  • Experienced Kundalini Awakening
  • Listening to the Sound of SILENCE where my purpose was revealed to me
  • A silent voice from within that was so aloud expressed “AHAM BRAHMASMI”


I am so grateful for what I will be receiving...

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