Ordinary People Xtraordinary Lives

Do You Struggle To Attract The Money You Deserve?

Do You Think You Have All It Takes To Be Highly Successful But Are STILL STRUGGLING For Right Breakthroughs?

Do You Feel Even If You Do Everything Right, Your Problems In Your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career Never Seem To Be Ending?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, You must attend this Holistic Life Transformational program, “Ordinary People, XtraOrdinary Lives”, elevating your Personal, Professional/Business & Spiritual aspects of Life

What you will learn in this program:

  • How to attract what you deserve in Life
  • How to sculpt an Xtraordinary life not just in your dreams but in reality, so that you are living a life on your terms, a life that you always wanted
  • Tools, Techniques & most importantly Shortcuts in various categories of life to help you save time, effort & money
  • How to become a single person-multiple role wonder so that you can balance various aspects of your life productively & effectively without being worn out & torn apart or simply burned out
  • How to figure out your purpose in life - my proven & proprietary “888” & “811” formula so that you can have a life of abundance, bliss, Love & peace, knowing “you are cut out for bigger things in life"
  • Why all of us are meant to be Xtraordinary so that you will become aware of your own strengths & inner guidance system

What The Attendees Say!

  1. Aparna Y V

    It was an experiential workshop & I learnt how ot make conscious decisions and execute it & Importance of having aMentor in my life.

  2. Chandni Rathod

    Vandana so beautifully & simply structured life across 8 Dimensions. I learnt that for making a powerful decision, you need to take an action first because Great decision & great choices are life transforming.

  3. Dr Vaishali Popale

    I was awestuck by Vandana's Energy and will to change everyone's life. Her strong conviction that everyone can live a Extraordinary life made me believe that too just in few minutes & I also learnt whu we should never give up in life & how bad time is just a teacher helping us evolve into a better human being.

  4. Gnaneshwari K

    I loved her real life experiences & how she applied those learning in her life & how we can apply in our lives. She gave us many simple & easily executable ideas & insights on how to improve our Quality of Life to be improved.

  5. Harini J M

    I did not know that simple things like being Grateful & Appreciating people around us could make so much positive impact in our lives. I loved the exercise of Sharing my 1 big dream with 3 people who are totally strangers.

  6. Haydarraza

    I learnt that Life with out vision and goals will lead you nowhere. It made a positive impact on me & I started believeing in myself & my capabilities.

  7. Indudhar

    I learnt how to manage my money in such a way that I am comfortable with it. I learnt the secrets on how to ask universe what I deserve

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