The Enlightened Entrepreneur

Why this program:

My Guru said, “Good human beings have moral responsibility to be SUPER DUPER RICH”

Who are good human beings ? People

  • Who follow their heart
  • Whose intention is to help others
  • Who aspire for growth of everyone
  • Who want to create a beautiful, meaningful & purposeful life

So, if good people have lot of money, they can actually help a lot of people.

Then I started thinking why do good people struggle with money ?

Everywhere I see that good people do not know how to ask for money, how to grow their money, they are simply busy earning money good enough to make living & helping people.

Through my Program “The Enlightened Entrepreneur”, I am on a mission to empower honest & heart oriented entrepreneurs with right learnings so that they can unleash their full potential to create wealth & contribute to society.

If you are a modern day entrepreneur unable to monetize your skills, ideas due to lack of right direction & guidance, I am here for you & you MUST ATTEND either my FREE Webinar | 1 Day Workshop | 3 Day Workshop

Who this program is for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs – own business/taking up Franchise
  • Freelancer’s
  • Founders of start-ups less than 3 years
  • Already in business making losses or not enough revenue

What The Attendees Say!

  1. Vibha Amrut

    It was very productive and helpful. Loved her energy. Ankur and vandana make a very lovely and energetic team.

  2. Srinivasa Polishetty

    Very motivating and lively , thought provoking , it has definitely made a new beginning in my life which until now had become stagnant and confused.

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