We were researching and attending events to gain more knowledge in the field of Business,which occurred as a new segment in our life , that is how we came across Vandana’s program. As we are amateurs and relatively new to this world of business ,we were in need for right guidance from right people & since the time my husband & I joined this program, we have received so much knowledge all this while.

I got to understand many new techniques and ways to execute my venture. I could call those 3 days as the most transforming days of my life.

In the 3 days of intensive workshop, I became more confident, focused and changed as a person

There were many learnings but these 3 were very important for me personally

  • I started believing in myself.
  • I learned the importance of each second, that matters.
  • I learned to come out from my comfort zone
  • This programme has inspired me to be more grateful with what I have. It helped me to broaden my vision to see what I am capable of achieving in my field.

As a human being it helped me to set higher spiritual goals. Thank you so much Vandana and Ankur , you are amazing mentors.

Thanks for everything!!

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I joined the program as i wanted to learn from the invaluable knowledge & experience both Ankur & Vandana gained in their entrepreneurship journey and get their personal guidance to take informed decisions for my business ideas.

They being technocrats I had a confidence in both of them on their approach of imparting knowledge.

I wanted to know the mindset & strategies required to create wealth and employment opportunities for the country. Get ideas on how to make a difference in the life of common people.

I am so happy with my decision to sign up for "The Enlightened Entrepreneur" program as those 3 days were Truly fantastic ! Both of them made our learning a real life experience, which will be cherished throughout my life!

For the first time I have realized that the entrepreneurship is not merely making profits but a great privilege and huge responsibility towards society.

My topmost learnings

  • "Selling is Serving", it is important to understand "Pain & Gain" of the customers in analyzing the market opportunities.
  • Appreciation people around us and Gratitude about what we have in each and every moment.
  • Constant self directed motivated effort for achieving great results.

The program has helped me in bringing more focus and clarity on my entrepreneurship journey. Apart from boosting my self confidence, it has opened up my other dimension of human life i.e the "joy of sharing".

I wish more & more budding entrepreneurs to benefit from this life & business transforming program...

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I wanted to do something on my own and lot of ideas were floating, but nothing was shaping up.

Before starting my business I wanted to know if my idea was worth enough, am I going in right direction?

I wanted to avoid failures & losing money. So I needed some real mentors who have walked the path themselves.

I found Vandana’s program in Facebook and found it very interesting.

I attended her FREE 1 Day Seminar & Webinar also. Never read any book, but purchased her book on entrepreneurship.

After having one on one discussion with Vandana on my idea, I found there is lots to learn from her.

So I have decided to join her program…

Those three days were the best days ever in my life. Got lot of learnings & knowledge in all the areas of my Life, Business, Mindset, Spirituality, Motivation, the real push & importance of being in right network & collaborations.

My transformations - Taking ACTIONS, Doing things without hesitation, Executing short term PLANS.

MY MIND IS SO CLEAR ON WHAT TO DO, importance of Higher purpose, WHY’s of my Life, How to build a Business roadmap.

It’s not even 1 month after attending Vandana’s Program that I am going to kick start my first version by July 2018.

If I had missed this opportunities, I would be still thinking and thinking & thinking & I realize that TIME is so important for an idea to be successful.

I am so grateful to Ankur and Vandana for having them in my life as mentors.

It is very difficult to get such mentors in life & I want to have them as lifelong mentors!!

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To be an Entrepreneur was always at the back of my mind so when I came across The Enlightened Entrepreneur Program, I thought of getting in touch with Vandana to understand the mystery behind Enlightened Entrepreneur.

I wanted to be close to a person who has traversed the path of Entrepreneurship being a working professional themselves.

To tell you the truth I was already in ideation stage for a product & I was thinking whether to join the program or not.

I was unknowingly doing the right things, but when I went through the program I became aware of the structure to be followed when you are in ideation stage and how to move to next level. I am still pursuing but with awareness and right set of people around.

I strongly feel that I can transition from a Working professional to being a Entrepreneur as I feel connected to mentor and guide like Vandana and Ankur who have walked the path not once but many times before where I am about to start..

My top learnings have been How to structure your idea for your business plans, Important elements of life we need to focus to face the challenges in Entrepreneurial journey & Law of attraction.

This program does not, just talk about business structuring but it also gives you a practical evaluation of your current financial state, health state and what steps that needs to be taken on day to day basis to reach your goal . Just a degree of right change can take you to different direction with constant & consistent efforts .

I feel connected to right set of people who can help me grow in my entrepreneurship journey.

There are several platform available to join but a personal touch is missing elsewhere, but I found them so concerned & associated with our success.

I am frustrated with my highly paid so called sophisticated software engineer's job and the everyday corporate politics that hampers me in growing in my career to the extent of my potential.

I already have started my own venture (private company), but since I just started my entrepreneurship journey, I needed guidance and support from someone who has already gone through all this and understands my pain.

When I attended Vandana's seminar, I could instantly relate myself with her. And that's how I joined her program.

As a newbie in business, I needed Vandana's guidance on how to grow it? What are the right steps, targets and how can I improve on sales and achieve the targets? The three days program was great. We had extensive sessions on various aspects of business.

I realized areas where I was going wrong in my business. The most important thing that I learned from Vandana is expressing attitude of gratitude, which really help you evolve you as a person. My Top 3 learnings were Have Attitude of Gratitude, Take Actions, Help is always around - you just need to ask.

Vandana n Ankur are really helping me in the trouble that I am facing with my business.

I am getting right direction on how to proceed further with the issues and that's helping me a lot.

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